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Founded in 2013, I.R.I. is a private capital holding company in the acquisition of small medium Italian enterprises.

I.R.I. has a strong track record in the acquisition of family companies without generational changes, cash positive, with historical track record in the respective industries.

The shareholder’s value creation is based on the competence to manage the transition from family business to industrial group, building value through integration and leveraging the industrial synergies: administrative, human resources, finance and control, commercial, marketing and purchasing.

I.R.I.’s participated companies are mainly active in the mechanical field and the main sectors are automotive, packaging and filling, aerospace, real estate and industrial machinery.

In 2021 IRI’s participations have aggregated about 32 million Euro, employing about 190 people.

I.R.I - LOGOsm
I.R.I. S.p.A.
Via Legnano, 26
10128 Torino - Italy
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